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Hey amazing script but i am not sure what i am doing wrong. 

In aseprite i click the RevolutionsPerSecond:_1

and change it to RevolutionsPerSecond:_60

and it just says the following:

attempt to mul a 'string' with a 'number'

What am i doing wrong? :S

Hi there! The text in the inputs is like a help string. You need to replace the input text field with a number (i.e. "Revolutions per second: _60" is taken as a string, replace it with just "60").  I hope this helps!

does this work with aseprite for macOS? I cannot seem to get it to do anything...

I just checked the script, and it works. If you wish, you can share me some picture or video to see what's happening (


I love this script, seriously amazing. One of my favorite scripts for Aseprite, and I have like 50 scripts. Thank you for taking the time to make this and releasing it. Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you! ❤️


Wow i love u !

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Hello, I just downloaded it - awesome stuff, but it does not have Pivot points to select, though as I am not able to set Pivot manually in Aseprite it would be a very useful thing ty have. Maybe you have an older verson where I would be able to enter Pivot for rotation, or is there an utility that would allow customizing Pivot in Aseprite ? I would buy one.


Thanks for your donation! According to your request. Rotation pivot is now available.


Perfect, thank you very much