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This seems to not work with small sprites (like 30x30) for some reason. It turns into lines but it work fine with larger sprite.

Thanks for your post! I was able to reproduce the behavior you described only when the color mode is not RGBA (regardless of image size). I'll fix this soon.

Fixed and file updated!

Deleted 128 days ago

How to install it correctly?

any plans to add this to windows?

Hi there! Did you encounter any problems running this Aseprite script on your OS?
This script is designed for the Aseprite application (which is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux Ubuntu).

Hey amazing script but i am not sure what i am doing wrong. 

In aseprite i click the RevolutionsPerSecond:_1

and change it to RevolutionsPerSecond:_60

and it just says the following:

attempt to mul a 'string' with a 'number'

What am i doing wrong? :S

Hi there! The text in the inputs is like a help string. You need to replace the input text field with a number (i.e. "Revolutions per second: _60" is taken as a string, replace it with just "60").  I hope this helps!

does this work with aseprite for macOS? I cannot seem to get it to do anything...

I just checked the script, and it works. If you wish, you can share me some picture or video to see what's happening (


I love this script, seriously amazing. One of my favorite scripts for Aseprite, and I have like 50 scripts. Thank you for taking the time to make this and releasing it. Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you! ❤️


Wow i love u !

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Hello, I just downloaded it - awesome stuff, but it does not have Pivot points to select, though as I am not able to set Pivot manually in Aseprite it would be a very useful thing ty have. Maybe you have an older verson where I would be able to enter Pivot for rotation, or is there an utility that would allow customizing Pivot in Aseprite ? I would buy one.


Thanks for your donation! According to your request. Rotation pivot is now available.


Perfect, thank you very much