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This script is for Aseprite.
It allows you to make a translation movement and/or rotation of  the reference image through a path with a  the desired criteria.

The basic steps:

  1. make a Layer named: PATH
  2. active Pixel Perfect and draw some stroke on it (1 pixel thickness).
  3. Optional: paint one pixel stroke end to white (start pixel).
  4. draw some item in other layer.
  5. select both layers and run 'path_animator.lua'
  6. fill in the fields and press 'Animate it'

Gif minitutorials were included within the compressed file.

Please, this tool is under development, save your work before use it.

Issues and recommendation can be reported on gasparoken@gmail.com


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PathAnimator.zip 13 MB


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HELP ! So I downloaded this and it works perfect however I have one question. I'm into side scrolling animation such as a car driving on the street w building going left to right so when I found this I was amazed. However, after using it I noticed I can't start a path off screen. Is there any way to fix this?? I need the images to start off the screen on the left ------> go all the way over, then go off screen on the right. Is that possible with this path animator? 


Hi PatBanahan. The only way to do that (moving a sprite outside the canvas) is: 

  • Make a bigger canvas
  • Use the path tool in the usual way
  • Before exporting the final animation, adjust the canvas to the desired size.

I hope this helps. And thank you for trying the Path Animator.

What does the RotAux layer do? You showed it in FAQ 7 but I don't think you explained what it does

Hi! RotAux is an auxiliary Layer, it stores pre-calculated rotated images (the image which walks the path). If you want to modify the PATH and re-animate with the same image layers, RotAux layer can be re-used, and execution time is optimised (because some angles were calculated and located in RotAux). In summary: RotAux is used to optimise execution time, can be deleted if you want. I hope this helps, and thanks for your question.

It is a masterpiece



Great addition to  Aseprite! Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome!😄